If you are viewing this page to hire me for contract work I usually charge a daily rate.

Instruction for military packing & supervision -negotiable but contingent upon where, distance traveled whether or not a per diem & accommodation is offered.

Skydiving back-100$ USD (this includes inspection and repack)

Pilot rigs-100$ USD(this includes inspection and repack)

Inspection only- half of my base charge per your rig listed above

24 hour turn around on reserves- my base charge doubles (keep in mind your parachute may need a repair once I get into it which could make a 24 hour turn impossible you still pay double because you are paying to be put in front of all the work I have)

Repairs-contingent upon the nature of the repair and whether or not a Master Rigger is needed.  Further loft rates will apply.  I will always let you know about repairs before they are actually done.

If you are shipping your rig to me or vice versa you will be charged any fee I come out of pocket for.

I do accept Paypal payments at riggerpleasellc@hotmail.com, ask me about Venmo.

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