I am Charles Marshall an FAA certified, Senior Parachute Rigger.  I made my first skydive in 06 and that began a passion for parachutes that lives on today.  I currently hold a back and seat rating.  Originally from the east coast (Virginia) I now reside in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have spent years around various drop zones perfecting my packing methods.  I have had formal rigging training from Master Rigger Dave Dewolf and his staff of Master Riggers.  I enjoy learning about various parachuting systems and packing configurations.  I have worked for civilian drop zones, Complete Parachute Solutions and done various contract work for government entities.  I most enjoy working for myself and running my business. I am working diligently towards my Master Rigging certificate and building my loft. I have two reserve saves to my credit out of 200+ reserve packs. I just really enjoy working with parachutes and if you’ll let me I’ll get yours assembled, inspected and repacked.  So whether it’s a military or civilian rig you can trust it to me. Blue Skies!

Certificate # 3471195

Seal Symbol VR3

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  1. I have (2) Strong Model 304 seat chutes that will need repacked when I sell them. How much do you charge and where are you located. Thank you.

  2. 70 dollars per rig. **As of 2022 I’m charging 100 per rig for repack and inspection.

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